July 2, 1884 – Pemberville was visited by a conflagration, in which 10 store buildings, one barn and numerous out buildings were totally destroyed by fire. This fire with its terrible effects and the knowledge that the village was without defense, led to a petition from the residents asking for means of fire protection.
September 3, 1884 - The council resolved to purchase a fire engine.
August 6, 1885 - With neglect and ill feelings, a regular organized company formed. The company was known as the Volunteer Fire Company of Pemberville, Ohio. Its object was the extinguishment of fire and protection of life and property.
August 16, 1905 (Sunday) – At 3:00 pm heavy smoke was reported coming from the Hobalt and Bowlus Co. It was reported that the Pemberville hand pumper worked from the center of the Portage River. The Woodville and Toledo Fire Departments were called for help. Woodville sent a steamer and hose cart on the electric railway. An engine and hose cart were brought down on the Ohio Central, they did not unload.
September 15, 1916 – A fire completely destroyed the Pemberville Elevator which was located in the area of Bierly Avenue and Columbus Avenue.
1924 – Fire on Front Street severely damaged a bowling alley and barber shop located on the second floor. It was noted that the floor was damaged bad enough that bowling balls fell from the second floor to the first floor pool hall breaking the slate pool table tops.
1935 – The fire station moves from the village hall to Walnut Street. Next to the village water tower.
January 10, 1946 (Sunday) – Hobart-Bowlus Department Store fire was reported at 7:20 am. The fire eventuly caused the roof and floor to collapse. Early in the fire Chief Lee Smith entered the building and carries 2 cases of dynamite to safety. Assistance was called for from Troy Township, Woodville, Gibsonburg, Bradner and Wayne fire departments. It was estimated that 200,000 gallons of water was used which overtaxed the village supply. So, Woodville fire department pumped water from the Portage River.
July 26, 1953 (Sunday) – A fire destroyed the Hobart-Bowlus Elevator on Hickory Street. The fire was reported around 1:30 pm after a southbound passenger train passed on the New York Central Rail Road. It is thought that the train sparked a grass fire which spread to an area that tar and road oil was unloaded from tank cars. The fire eventuly spread to coal storage buildings, the warehouse and grain storage. The buildings were leveled by fire in 45 minutes. The Troy Township and Woodville fire departments were called for help.
1956 – The Village of Pemberville Fire Department and The Freedom Township Fire Department merged as one department thus the Pemberville-Freedom Fire Department was established. Prior to that there was a fire engine owned by the Village and a fire engine owned by the township. These two trucks sat side by side and were used by the same firemen. But the village truck was not permitted to respond to fires in the township and the township truck was not permitted to respond to village fires. If help was needed, another fire department was called in for help.
July 4, 1969 – At 11:30 pm, fire started by lightening gutted the Kahler Drug Store and Bettenbrock Paint Store. Firefighters were hampered by high winds and poor water supply because the village water pump was knocked out by storm. Firefighters were also troubled by dense smoke and poisonous gases caused from the burning drugs and paints. The front plate glass windows blew out of the Bettenbrock Paint Store and injured Jack Recker, Kenneth Recker, and Luther Welling from the Troy Township Fire Department and Henry Grieve from the Pemberville Freedom Township Fire Department. Fire departments Bloomdale, Bradner, Center Township, Portage, Haskins, Troy Township, Risingsun, Northwood, Perrysburg, Walbridge, West Millgrove, Woodville, and Wayne responded with firemen and equipment. Firemen also used bucket trucks from the electric departments of Pemberville and Bradner. The departments remained on location until 7:00 am the next day.
1974 – The fire department moves into the new fire station at 104 E. Front Street; the current fire station of Pemberville Freedom Fire Department.
1976 – The first EMT class. The Pemberville Freedom Fire Department takes over ambulance service from the funeral home.
1982 – The first set of auto extraction equipment placed into service.
1985 – Pemberville Freedom Fire Department hosts the 111th annual Northwestern Ohio Volunteer Fireman’s Association convention.
1995 – The department provides ALS (Advanced Life Support) services on medical calls.
1999 – Due to the lack of personnel available to make runs during the day time hours, the fire committee (two Pemberville Village council members, two Freedom Township Trustees and the Fire Chief) start the part-time personnel in which two members of the department would staff the fire station from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm seven days a week. At least one person would be a Paramedic Firefighter and the other would be an EMT Firefighter. This way they could respond to any type of emergency. Also with this all other members would be paid a flat rate depending on the type of call and their trained EMS level. To pay for the wages and proper resources for start up a 3 mil tax levy was placed on the ballet for tax payers.
January 1, 2000 – With the support of the residents of Pemberville and Freedom Township the first day crew starts.
2003 – The department receives a Firefighters Assistance grant from FEMA for $87,618.00 dollars. This grant was used to purchase: 15 Scott Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, 15 Composite Air Bottles, 47 Fire Helmets, 20 Pairs of Firefighter Boots, 23 Firefighter Turnout Coats, and 26 Firefighter Turnout Bunkers (Pants). The local tax payers share for this purchase was $8,761.00 dollars.
2004 – The fire department receives a Firefighters Assistance Grant for $45,000 and the local tax payers share was $4,500. This was used to purchase Portable Radios and Pagers. The department also acquired the Air Trailer from Wood County. This was purchased with Homeland Security money.
April 19, 2005 – Fire Chief Herbert W. Martin lost his battle with cancer. Chief Martin had joined the department in 1957 and been named Chief in 1978. He was in the first class of Emergency Medical Technicians’ in 1976. When the department took over the Emergency Medical Service. Chief Martin was very instrumental with getting the day crew started.
2005 - New Fire Chief Duane Martin, (Chief Herbert W. Martin’s Son). Duane has been with the department since 1985 and was the Asst. Chief.
December 24, 2005 – At 5:33 am the fire department was called to 409 Perry Street for a structure fire. As the fire chief was responding he called for mutual aid from Troy Township, Bradner, and Wayne fire departments. Upon arrival the department found a commercial building that was used as a plastic recycling plant (previously Pemberville Lumber Yard) three-fourths of the way fully involved with fire. Firefighters were faced with a shortage of water in the area. The first due engine and ladder set up on the south side of the building. They setup portable dump tanks to draft from for water supply. They also began defensive operations. The second due engine set up on the north side of the building and laid five inch diameter hose a fire hydrant. They set their deck gun in a defensive attack and protected exposures on the north and east sides of the involved building. Center Township, Woodville, Gibsonburg, Risingsun, and Middleton Township were called for tankers. The Wayne Fire Department setup an engine on the dry hydrant on the Portage River located in downtown Pemberville. Tankers also responded to the Village of Woodville for water. A total of fourteen loads of water were hauled from Woodville. The structure was a total loss.
2007 – The department received a Firefighters Assistance grant for $112,917.00 dollars. The money was used to purchase a Washing Machine for Turnout Gear, a Station Vehicle Exhaust System and a Backup Generator for the fire station.
2007 - The department purchased a 2007 T-300 pumper/tanker.
2010 -  The department purchased a 2010 International Horton Ambulance. This unit is listed as Medic 777. 
2013 - The department purchased a New Sutphen Engine. This unit is listed as Engine 771. This unit replaces a 1982 Pierce Engine. The new engine responds to all structure fires and motor vehicle crashses.
The department recieved a BWC (bureau of workers compensation) grant. The grant helped purchase (2) New power stryker cots and (2) power load systems that are in both Medic units. These units will assist EMT's in moving patients and prevent injuries.
  2015 - The department upgraded its EMS quality by purchasing new cardiac monitors and mechanical CPR devised. We upgraded Lifepak 12 cardiac monitors to the Zoll X-Series cardiac monitors and (2) Zoll mechanical CPR devices (AutoPulse), (2) Zoll ResQPump ACD-CPR devices and (2) Zoll AED's. This upgrade will make a huge impact on cardiac care and CPR saves in the community. The Zoll AutoPulse will provide better CPR than manual CPR and will the ResQPump ACD-CPR device.


 This new equipment will help reduce strenuous lifting and the risk of back injuries.